Last week, I completely overhauled my and Lucy’s clothes. The post is written and waiting, the pictures are taken, but. But, they’re stuck on the camera. Which my computer won’t recognize. And we can’t find the CD that the Canon website is telling us we need in order to download and install the drivers from their website. We’re not even sure if we kept that CD or not. And other things just keep coming up that prevents us from completely tearing the house apart looking for it. I’d love to use my husband’s computer, but I swear he has it booby trapped.

This weekend I overhauled our bookshelves, though I’m still trying to figure out how best to organize them. Right now they are by size, then color within size. Which admittedly looks nice. BUT. But they are all completely random, which I kind of love but then I think “What if I want to loan a book to a friend, and have to search through all of the books to find that one?” So I’m looking at other possibilities too. Pictures to come. Ha. Ha.

Since I’ve finished the books, I get to move on to papers and then to Komono (miscellaneous). For anyone wondering, I’m using this checklist to help me keep track of everything and not overlook any minor category. Lets keep our fingers crossed that while I’m gathering all the papers, that CD appears amidst them and I can finally free the pictures from our camera! In the mean time, I’ll take pictures with my cell phone *and* the camera from now on.