Marie Kondo gives a “Talks at Google”

Marie Kondo’s “Talks at Google” was…painful to watch. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the comments below the video (rare for me!), in that it was clear that the narrator was not familiar with the book. It was frustrating how much was clearly lost in translation, which could have been avoided if the talk had been scripted or practiced before hand. Or even if Marie had given it herself, in her beautiful, heavily accented English. Maybe it’s just because of the time I spent studying in South Korea, but ever since then I have had a greater appreciation of just how hard it is for non-English speakers to learn and *use* English and have almost fallen in love with the Korean and Japanese English accents.

Nevertheless, watching Marie’s talk and seeing before and after¬†examples within her slides was helpful as I begin envisioning my tidy home.

Also of note: my book came in today! Thank you, Sunday deliveries!


Waiting, Impatiently

After reading countless Amazon reviews, blog posts about the method, getting on the waitlist at my local library (#87…) and listening to an illegal audio version of the book on Youtube, I finally just caved and ordered the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” (not an affiliate link) yesterday. I may or may not have been refreshing my Amazon orders page, hoping to magically see that it shipped out the same day and would actually be here today. This morning I got an email saying that it *did* ship and instead of the unholy arrival date of April 27th, as it originally estimated, it will be here Monday, April 20th, instead! Whoop whoop! So I just need to wait 2 more days until that wonderful book is in my hands, ready to be marked up, notated, highlighted, underlined, and put into use.

I’ve decided to blog my way through the book as well as my attempts at bringing my house into order. We currently live in a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath townhome and I often feel assaulted by our stuff. “We” are myself, my husband Ryan, my brother in law Kyle, my daughter Lucy, and in August the newest member of our family will arrive, Brooks.

While I was reading other blog reviews and participating in Facebook discussions of the book and method, I noticed several themes. First, it seemed like moms liked the “idea” of the book, but couldn’t see how it was possible to implement in a family. It was pretty clear that Marie Kondo is a single woman writing to other single people. Second, the¬†book was originally written for a Japanese audience which can make it occasionally seem “weird” or off-putting in some way to an American audience. Third, while Kondo claims that her clients have a 100% success rate and 0% relapse, that is a pretty hard claim to swallow.

Is it really possible that by following the KonMari method of tidying (decluttering), one will never have to do it again? Can it be used in a family setting? What about a growing family? I hope to discover those answers.