That time we got lost in Korea; an Answer Me This Link-up

I keep not blogging because I keep letting perfectionism get in my way. I have several posts in various stages of drafts, I just haven’t sat down to finish them. Part of the problem is that I’m having an identity crisis, which merits its own post and doesn’t belong in this one.

So in an effort to just get the blogging ball rolling and hopefully get into a regular habit (another post topic! In draft form, of course!), I’ve decided to join in with Kendra at Catholic All Year for the remaining installments of Answer Me This.

And so:

1. At what temperature do you keep the thermostat set? Summer, winter, day, night?
I feel like we live in a fairly mild climate here in Raleigh, so we try not to have the A/C and heat on much at all. We’re also cheap, which plays a big role in that too. However, come June/July and December/January, we definitely crank it on. Right now it’s probably a little cooler than we would normally keep it (by one very important degree or two!) because I’m a pregnant mess who’s constantly over heating. So right now it’s set to 75F, day and night. We’d love to turn it off overnight but our upstairs has almost no air circulation and gets so stuffy so quickly. And in the winter we turn the heat allll the way to 71F, because I’m a big baby about being too cold. I hate waking up in a cold room. Lucy on the other hand won’t keep blankets on her to save her life, even in winter. I was thankful for bedsharing the last two winters; at least she had our body heat to keep her warm!
2. What is your favorite frozen beverage?
Hmmmm….gosh, it really depends on the day. Lately I’ve been loving all things fruity (if Brooks comes out looking like a watermelon, well, I won’t be surprised!). Fruity+Creamy = heaven. And now I’m craving a strawberry daiquiri. With or without the alcohol.  Or a Watermelon Slushie with nerds from Sonic. Ooooohhhh yeah. That.
3. Where do you keep your keys?
Either clipped to my cell phone case/wallet OR in a little basket in our kitchen. Nothing special.
4. Have you ever really been lost?
That time we were lost in South Korea...

That time we were lost in South Korea…

Oh yeah. Lots and lots of times. Even with a GPS, I still manage to get lost regularly. There was one time, an amazing time, in Korea when my friend Aron and I had gone to visit a Buddhist Temple in the mountains.  We looked on the map and figured that it was probably an hour to a half hour away. Well. After 3 hours of a bus ride, we finally got there. It was beautiful. The air was clear (the city we lived in was kind of polluted), it was beautiful weather, and we learned a lot of Buddhist history. We spent the whole day there, it was great. On our way back down the mountain, we remarked how funny it would be if we got to the parking lot and our bus was gone, since neither of us brought any money that would get us a room in the hotel. WELL, wouldn’t you know it, but our bus was gone! In fact, ALL the buses were gone! Except for two. Aron knew more Korean than I did, so he went up to a group of men and tried to explain our situation. They got really worried and started talking very fast about what they should/could do. Finally, one of the men puts us on a bus, but he still looked concerned. He ran back and forth, and would come onto the bus every so often, making a little v shape with his hands and repeating “highway”. We were just thrilled to be getting a ride home and eagerly assured him that we understood what was happening and that we were very grateful. So finally the bus driver gets in and we start our journey home. At this point is when Aron and I begin to take in our surroundings. We were on a charter bus with a big screen up front, tapestry all along the windows, and a whole lot of old people as our companions. One old man in particular caught our attention, as he was standing in the aisle holding a microphone. It was a Karaoke Bus! Literally, a bus where the entertainment is singing karaoke with a crazy old man. It. Was. Awesome. The people fed us, they were very very nice to us and we even sang a little (If I recall correctly, I sang a Three Doors Down song). Well, a little while into our journey, at night, and we are on the highway. The bus seems to be slowing down, and I, in my naivete think “Oh my! They are picking up another stranded person! These are the nicest people EVER!” Aron however understands what is happening a lot quicker than I do, has a stricken look on his face, and says “Dear. God…..NO!” Then the bus stops, the driver opens the door, and with a cheery smile on his face beckons us to leave and says “taxi! Taxi!” And so there we were, stranded on the highway, at the top of the off ramp into Daegu City, in the dark. We RAN down the ramp on the shoulder, cars speeding by, and made it into Daegu. We had no idea what part of Daegu it was, having spent most of our time in the central part of town where all the shopping and restaurants were. This part was a little creepy, with auto repair shops on every block. Eventually we found where we were and what bus would take us back to the center of the city, so that we could get on the subway to go back to our university out in the country (Daegu University was about 20 minutes outside of Daegu city). To top it all off, our university had a strict curfew and all doors locked at 11 PM/12 AM, I can’t remember exactly. We made it back with only minutes to spare. 
That is possibly my most favorite memory ever of being lost.
5. What is the last movie you saw in the theaters?
Ryan and I went to see Jurassic World on our anniversary. It was ok. Ryan really liked it and I enjoyed hearing him talk about the throwbacks to the original that I hadn’t realized were in it. Chris Pratt was great, duh. I keep hoping to go see Pitch Perfect 2 before it leaves theaters, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.
And there you have it! Yay, a blog post! If you have a blog, definitely head over to Catholic All Year and link up, or leave your answers in the comments if you don’t have a blog. I love reading everyone else’s and am thrilled to finally get my act together and join in.

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