Phase 1: The Great Clothing Purge, Pt. 2

When last I updated, I had told you all about finding a two empty drawers in my dresser, and how I balanced out Ryan’s and my shared closet by getting creative with Kondo.

After I finished with my clothes, I turned my attention towards Lucy’s. Lucy currently has a three drawer dresser, plus half of a closet (the other half is shared with her uncle who also lives with us. No, I’m not decluttering his stuff.). As she’s outgrown clothes, I’ve been throwing them into a bin in a storage closet in the master bedroom. Or they’ve ended up on the floor, mixed in with the laundry. Over, and over, and over again.

I started with the clothes in her closet and dresser, and then moved on to the clothes she’s outgrown. The dresser and closet were actually really easy. She doesn’t care what she wears, so if I liked it, it fit, and it wasn’t horribly stained or damaged, it stayed. And despite the fact that I have been trying to buy her “capsule” wardrobes for each size change since she turned a year old (that’s when we actually ran out of clothes people had bought us before she was born! Thanks friends!), I still had half a garbage bag full of clothes ready to go to Catholic Charities when all was said and done.

But again, the real miracle happened when I put her clothes away. As I said above, she has a three drawer dresser. Before, I had her pjs, socks, leggings, etc. in the top drawer, her pants, skirts, and shirts in the second drawer, and the third drawer housed picture frames and other miscellaneous items (hello, Komono). I did fold Lucy’s clothes using the KonMari method of folding that I linked to in my previous clothing post. It actually isn’t that hard to fold baby clothes that way. And again, I had an empty drawer! All of her clothes that previously took up two drawers now only took up one. I didn’t touch the third drawer, Komono won’t be for a while yet. Because her clothes only took up one drawer, I was able to put away Brooks’ clothes 4 months earlier than I thought I would. They had been shoved in a baby cradle in our living room, preventing the cradle from actually being used by visiting babies. Now they have a place and babies can use the cradle! Hurray!

Lucy’s closet was just as easy. I arranged Kyle’s clothes according to Kondo’s suggestion of heaviest to lightest, darkest to lightest, left to right. Then, just as I did with our closet, I hung Lucy’s clothes in the opposite direction in an effort to “balance” the closet. I really think that is the key if there are two people sharing a closet, but not sharing clothes. You guys. I could stare at that closet for hours. It’s just so beautiful.

True to the method, I did not touch the two shelves in her closet that hold Komono. But boy am I dying to. I just want the whole house to be finished already!


3 thoughts on “Phase 1: The Great Clothing Purge, Pt. 2

  1. I love it! I like the way you’ve chosen to arrange the closets shared by two people. In fact, I did ours the same way – although my husband has very few items that are hung in the closet.
    I cannot wait to do my papers this weekend. My bookshelf looks so beautiful now. It really makes the books I truly treasure look so special and honored. Paper is going to be hard for me because I am so worried I’ll need something one day, but I will persevere.
    Can’t wait to hear about how your books, papers and Komono go. 🙂


    • Thank you! Haha, sounds like your husband gets as much space in your shared closet as I do in ours ;). Do you have a scanner? Maybe you could scan and email all the papers you would be worried about needing one day, and put them all in a special file in your email. Books and papers went fine, Komono is…rough.


      • Made it through papers today. Flawlessly. No issues like I thought I’d have.
        Lol. I’ll send you a pic of the closet. So empty. 😊


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